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F4E Football is an institute that is specialized in identifying, developing, accompany and providing social support for football talent. We deliver services to four types of football players, amateurs, professional football organization players, professional football players and former professional football players. Our focus target population is located at amateur top level or playing at a professional football organization. We call this target population : FOT (Football Obsessed Teenagers). We help players who would like nothing more than become a professional player and transform them into a top class player. Therefore they can realise their goal.

An institute that fully anticipates on the life style of a football player. We want to connect concepts to the need of players in a inspiring way. This is for the addition of value to their career and in which condition they are in. We’re not only concerned about  signing contracts, but especially creating value for every football player. A must for every football player is to look further than his career. The football player is a brand. Through training on social and business-like level we help football players to think commercial. During, their career, but also after their career. They learn business skills which can be used a whole lifetime.

We bring them around the table with established businessmen and learn them how the regular business community is operating.

Weekly they receive (online) courses which are tailor made so that they can develop during and after their football career. That is our distinctiveness. Create value for the long term instead of  only  employment contracts for the short term. We want to make football players business-minded so that they take care of their own retirement. The old school working method of the traditional player agent is passé.  In our opinion football players should not be taken in to this anymore. On the side of the club we accompany directors with finding the wanted players and we intermediate between the player agents to realize transfers. We’re the oil in the immobile football world.

We haven’t come just to play, but we’ve come to take over. Becoming market leader is our goal. We are F4E Football!


Through our remarkable training concept we work together with amateur clubs to upgrade their level. Our aim is to have 100 hubs on national level before 2025. We want to become the largest football bastion of the world. In 2030 we want to be represented on 4 world continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) to let everybody play football in a professional way on his/her level and discover the best talents at a early stage.


F4E Football gives FMT training in Small Group and Personal Training variants. We also offer Premium packages for ambitious amateur level footballers.

For profesional football organization players between 13 – 15 years we offer sponsored programmes whereby support is given to specific developing points where clubs don’t pay attention to.

We are the helping hand of Dutch football by making better, individual players so that they can operate more effectively inside the team. Our focus is on dealing with disappointments and related behaviour. Besides that we offer an institute that educates, inside as well as outside football, but above all has a social function to create strong personalities. 


F4E Football believes in the power of cooperation.

Just by using expertise, experience and the network of involved national/international clubs and partners, we are able to stand up and make a serious difference for the players who take part in our programmes.

With pleasure we present clubs and brands where we cooperate with on local, national and international level.

We know the canteen boss of Nieuwerkerk, technical director of Tottenham, but also the equipment manager of Meizhou Hakka in China. Our network is versatile and great. That is also our ambition: the biggest, independent football organisation worldwide.


• Nieuwerkerk ad IJssel
• Maassluis



Respected as a street footballer, talented youth player at Excelsior and Feyenoord. Short professional career at RKC and FC Dordrecht. After a few adventures in Scotland and Belgium he left for the amateurs. Visionair and idealistic in changing the football world. His extreme enthusiasm makes him inspiring and touches harts. A guide from A-Z. Inspires the team, leader of the organisation and is a sparring partner of many football directors.

Daan Blij

He comes from Rotterdam Zuid, played firstly in the breeding ground of talent at the Oldegaarde of Spartaan’20. He was picked up by Feyenoord, made his debut at professional level by Excelsior Rotterdam.  Due to Injury layoff his contract wasn’t extended. He went on playing for Excelsior Maassluis in the Tweede Divisie. He is respected for his phenomenal street technique and outstanding kicks.

Sherra Henriquez

She comes from The West Kruiskade, grew up in a poor neighbourhood. Play ball with boys made her tough. She has no fear. This pitbull came from street football at Barendrecht and was picked up later by Excelsior. Nowadays she plays in the Eredivisie Vrouwen.  Currently she trains amateur footballers but she’s highly respected by professional players at F4E..

Sharon Versluis

This rock hard defender plays at Excelsior Rotterdam in the Eredivisie. She gets enthusiastic of getting better and to make people improve. Because of her attitude she is a truly added value inside our brand. She has an eye for details and places people where they belong.


Dwight is a real commercial phenomenon. For years he works in the tech industry at Champions League level. As a youngster he played in Rotterdam West, at Sparta. He is a sparring partner for our players. At F4E Football he thinks about expanding the platform and preparing it for investors and big partnerships. Through his experience in the corporate world he communicates and organizes executive meetings with Technical Directors in the football world!


Benny is one of the eternal talents in Tunisia. He is worshiped there as a sort of Basten. Played the World Cup for boys under 18. Now he guides players for F4E FOOTBALL he is the bridge to the expansion towards African talents to accompany Europe.


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