We offer consultancy programmes for several levels inside the club. The packages contain opinions which give new insights and information from several club levels. The employees are being supported on motivation and involvement. The quality of the training and the policy of the club will be maximized. The programme contains 10, 20, 40, 60 or 80 hours.

WhAT IS thE F4E football FORMULa

The F4E Football formula is a quality management method/football management philosophy which optimalizes intern processes of players inside professional football organizations. This F4E Football formula contains analytic techniques and statistics to improve optimal performances (clubs and players) to the max. F4E football believes that a company process can be controlled when people exactly know what they are doing. The basis of the F4E Football formula is: we gain our measuring through knowledge.

WHy the f4e football formula

Sooner or later the talented football players are confronted with a diversity of social, but also personal problems inside football. This decreases the potential and the final result. Often these are the reasons mentioned below:

Cultural differences and religious belief;
Where do players come from and how do they move inside football?

Nutrition problems; 
Which nutrition is necessary to perform on a maximum level and stay healthy and fit? 

A lack of financial resources/debts by parents/family;
How are football goals achieved without money or with debts?

Relations with wrong friends/women and places of noctural entertainment;
How is the risk minimalised so that there won’t be misuse from the football player by earning money?

Player programme

Personal and group training

To improve players individually F4E Football has about 30 unique, professional training programmes. Our specialty contains a combination of physique, mental and technical skills. Additional agreements are especially possible at individual training, but also at small groups (max. 6 players) there is space for a personal touch.

Goals & results

  • More confidence for the players
  • Better relationship by disappointments and lean to see this as a challenge
  • Improved self discipline
  • Sharper focus
  • To be able to function in the tactics of the club or the coach
  • 3, 6 or 10 months

Player levels

COACHing programme

Consultancy packages

F4E Football offers consultancy packages which can be used in several levels inside the football organisation.

Goals & results

  • Achieve insights and information from several levels inside the organization
  • Control motivation and involvement of the employees
  • Optimalizing the quality of training and policy of the club
  • Consultancy packages: 10, 20, 40, 60 or 80 hours

Administrative level, educational management level, coach level, player level

Football club quick scan

With the Football Club Quickscan (FCQ) the football club is being tested on intern qualities, individual qualities and group qualities.

Goals & results

  • Report with insights and measurable grow components.
  • Advices according report/analysis
  • Control development and growth of the club
  • Insight of hard and soft skills
  • Administrative level, educational management level, coach level, player level

Educational programme

Coach the coach

Supporting the head development coaches this tailor made programme is created for developing/optimalizing the skills and qualities of coaches.

Goals & results

  • Advice directed at skills of coaches
  • For improved football quality/football training
  • Optimalizing relation with players/parents/other interested people
  • Implement targets in directed training

Coach level, Educational management level

concretise vision

By concretising the club vision it is crucial to arrange boardroom sessions where opinions and critical views are being shared. This contributes to successfull leadership and a active involvement of your employees.

Goals & results

  • Clarify vision
  • Cooperate in club targets
  • Active involvement from several levels of the football club
  • A simplified way to success and realizing financial capacity

Administrative level

administrATIVE LEVEL

Sponsoring recruitment

The business-like network of F4E Football is very valuable. We use our network in an active way to connect wealthy sports brands to the football club.

Goals & results

  • Gain income and enlarge profitibality of the football club
  • Expansion of the existing business-like network
  • Searching and finding of a fitting sponsor/other collaborators
  • Time-saving

Administrative level

Talent analysis

By talent analysis clubs get more insight in the soft skills of players who are being bought. With a talent analysis the club knows what the personal qualities and characteristics of the player are. There can be tested of this fits in the squad.

Goals & results

  • A better youth development academy
  • Insight in personal skills, characteristics and unseen talents

Administrative level, educational management level

Transfer mediation

By transfer mediation F4E Football is focused on advizing, taking out of hands of conversations with player agents and stimulation financial growth of the football club.

Goals & results

  • Time-saving
  • Financial development and stimulating the club as a whole
  • Realizing top transfers, incoming and outgoing

Administrative level

other commercial transactions and support

Stimulating commercial growth of the club lasts time and attention. F4E Football helps the club with several tasks to stimulate the development and growth of the club to utilize commercial chances.

Goals & resuls

  • Recruit new sponsors
  • Gain more income
  • Sign better players
  • More budget to professionalize

Administrative level


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