Enterprising, enthuse, passionate and dedicated.

Do these words attract you?

Is the answer yes?

Than you are the partner we search for!

F4E Football searches candidate franchise partners. This means a partnership whereby we reinforce eachother. A win win situation.

WhAT are the benefits for you as a upcoming franchise partner?

An instant concept.

What does this mean?

Possibility to ask questions on a daily basis;
Access to our staff;
Rights on our merchandising;
The right to use our brand;
A monthly evaluation;
Concept and business hand book;
F4E Football App
Online Portal
European experience;
Access to national and international network

WHat Do we expect from you? and how does the process proceed further?

We expect passion, enthusiasm and 100% dedication from you. To be sure that this is a outstanding match, there will be several conversations at F4E Football headquarters.  By giving the green light we draw up a training for you.  Do you feel the franchise concept already? We invite you for a personal conversation.


Plan a meeting with us directly.

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